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The Society is giving advanced warning of next year's Members' Day, which will be held on the afternoon of Saturday 8th April at Cheddon Fitzpaine Village Hall.

This represents an exciting development for the Society. We are lining up a varied array of speakers from within and outside of the County. The day will include a short AGM. We hope this new format will attract many members.

Full details will be announced as soon as we have them. In the meantime, please note the date in your diary!

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It is with much sadness we report the death of Hugh Boyd.

Hugh was a pioneer of waterbird science and conservation and was the first ornithologist at Slimbridge. His membership of the Society goes back to the 1960s.

We offer our condolences to his family.

For more information on Hugh, click here.

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The 2016 AGM was held at Ruishton Village Hall on 14th April.
The most significant change was to create the role of Chairman. Roger Dickey resigned as President and now assumes the role of Chairman. This brings the Society’s structure in line with most other similar organisations, where a Chairman rather than a President heads the committee running the organisation. We are pleased to announce that Stephen Moss, broadcaster, producer and author and our Indoor Meetings Secretary until recently, has accepted the position of President. Stephen will be a huge benefit to us in this largely honorary role.
Other notable changes are Brian Hill becoming Indoor Meetings Secretary, Alison Everett Field Meeting Secretary and Simon Breeze, newly appointed to the Committee, Surveys Secretary.
The revised list of Committee and Contacts is set out here. The new Rules will be posted on the website soon.

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Somerset Ornithological Society has launched a new public wide survey investigating the abundance and distribution of two well-known but declining birds seen throughout Somerset: the Kingfisher and Little Owl.

Following on from findings of the Somerset Bird Atlas of breeding and wintering birds 2007–12, the survey aims to build a detailed picture from target and casual observational records into possible causes for decline, including climatic effects, habitat degradation and food resource depletion.

For full details, click here.

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We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website.
Its features include:

  • News from around the county and beyond;
  • Events, which can be sorted by organiser or type;
  • Information on the Society's publications (including The Bittern);
  • Ringing information (including news and recoveries);
  • A detailed section on recording birds, including, a facility for sending records direct to the Recorder and an updated county list;
  • An expanded section on County birding sites, which is still a work in progress (so keep visiting for additions);
  • A photo gallery; and
  • A Forum section that covers not only bird sightings but also ringing news and general discussion. A post in the Forum Guidelines gives information on Forum registration and use.

We will be able to update the site easily and quickly and are confident it will become an excellent source of information for birding in Somerset. The website is responsive and will adapt according to whether it is read on a PC, laptop, tablet or phone.
We welcome any contributions to the website, whether information or photos.
We must thank our web designers, Make Hay, who have produced a website which, in technology terms, moves the Society into the 21st century.

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