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The Somerset Ornithological Society Rarities Committee (SOSRC)

The Somerset Ornithological Society Rarities Committee (SOSRC) assesses descriptions of rare birds submitted to the society for publication in the annual bird report, Somerset Birds.

Guidelines produced by the SOSRC on submitting records can be found here. These guidelines include lists of which species require descriptions, and how to write them.

Rarities Committee

The Rarities Committee far prefers descriptions electronically, though don't let this put you off submitting sketches. If you cannot scan them in we will do it for you.

The Rarities Committee works very much in the background, and the only time you will hear from us is if we email you to inform you of a record that is considered not proven.

The Rarities Committee works on a deadline of the publication date of the annual report. Some records have proven very time consuming and difficult to assess, so it is theoretically possible that particularly challenging records will be published in a future report (though this has never happened yet).

If you need to contact the Rarities Committee, please email James Packer, the current chairman.

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