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Recording birds in Somerset

We welcome submission of records of all species and these enable us to produce the annual report Somerset Birds as well as giving us a better understanding of what is happening to our counties birds. Records can be submitted in a number of ways to the Somerset County Recorder, Brian Gibbs.

There are various documents available on this site to enable you to submit records.

An acknowledgement of submission of records using these forms will always be sent so that you know they have been received.

The work of the Somerset Ornithological Society Records committee is detailed within the ‘Guidelines to the submission of records’ link above.

Records can also be entered online at the BTO BirdTrack website. If using BirdTrack please give as many details as possible including numbers seen, increasingly entries are given as just present which gives us no idea of whether it is just one or a hundred birds recorded. Records from this source can be downloaded by the County Recorder and used in the compilation of Somerset Birds. If records are entered onto BirdTrack there is no need to submit them again.

All records are stored on a database and copies passed to the Somerset Environmental Records Centre (SERC), if you would prefer this not to happen please make us aware. No information as to who the observer was is included in the data passed to SERC.

We ask that records are submitted either through the year or at the latest by the end of January of the following year to enable work to commence quickly on the Annual Report. Records arriving after this date maybe too late for consideration.

Records can still be submitted by post as previously so long as they contain the information as to species, locations, dates, numbers and any other relevant information.

The address for the County Recorder is Brian Gibbs, 23 Lyngford Road, Taunton, Somerset, TA2 7EE (email:

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