Somerset Bird Report 2016

The report is provided to Somerset Ornithological Society members as part of their subscriptions. If you are not a member and would like a copy of the report, send a cheque for £9.50 made payable to Somerset Ornithological Society to Somerset Ornithological Society, c/o 23 Lyngford Road, Taunton TA2 7EE. Members may obtain additional copies at the price of £8.50 per copy.

Somerset Atlas of Breeding and Wintering Birds 2007-2012

The new Atlas was published at the end of November 2014. It is an SOS/BTO joint project that ran concurrently with the national Atlas project and is the first Atlas of bird distribution within the county. It is a superb production, with habitat photos and maps generally showing breeding and winter distributions down to the 2km square level. If you are an SOS member or bird the County regularly, this is an invaluable publication.

You may obtain the book online from the NHBS at for £34.99 plus postage.

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