Rare Breeding Birds on RSPB Reserves

Rob Grimmond
Rob Grimmond
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09 June 2017 17:00

Following recent events, we have been asked by the RSPB to make clear their position on publication of information about rare breeding birds on their reserves. It is as follows:

“The RSPB will not publish or share information regarding sensitive/potential breeding birds on site that may lead to heavy disturbance or possible harm to those species. We appreciate that people want to see and photograph the birds but we would ask you to likewise consider whether the detail or information you are publishing on social media could put these species or their breeding attempts at risk. When we consider species are safe from disturbance we will publish an official update.”

The Society understands and supports this position, since there is a danger that a Forum post, photo or video may inadvertently reveal a nesting location. As a amatter of course we monitor posts, and may edit or delete posts relating to rare breeding birds, wherever they occur in the county. It’s timely to remind everyone of the Society’s post on 10th May 2016 on the subject of rare breeding birds and the Rare Breeding Birds Panel’s Guidance (entitled “Reporting of Rare Breeding Birds - May 2016 update”). See here. The Guidance lists the rare breeding species that are especially vulnerable.

Please make every effort to comply with the request.