24/06/2020 Taunton Peregrines Update - Successful Fledging

Robin Morrison
Robin Morrison
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24 June 2020 16:10

The 4 young female Peregrines, blued ringed MJ “Moneypenny”,  MK “Vesper”, ML “Tobie”, MM “Cherry” successfully fledged starting on 11th June.

MJ was the first on June 11th, but I suspect that she was either blown off or fell off during the preceding evening as she was observed on the roof of Church giving great views to anyone passing by.

MJ was observed on the ground near the main door on the 12th June and a potential recovery plan was discussed with Mike. However, MJ clearly had other ideas and positioned herself on the Church path, ran into wind and glided up onto the roof of the old swimming pool.
She then spent 3-4 days building up flight experience, being mobbed by everything and working herself around the buildings before opted to stay on the roof of the Gym next to the Whirligig Car Park before finally being seen at the top of the Church Tower on 16th June.

MM had an eventful early flight on June 14th as she ended up top of the anti-bird netting on the roof of Primark. She was knocked out the sky by the local Herring Gull protection squad. MM’s first instinct was to try and get through the netting and this could have proved fatal as she almost got her head stuck. Eventually, she was able to work out that she needed to climb up the netting in order to escape. This was helped in that with the town fairly empty, she didn’t draw a large crowd of observers.

MK was observed flying on the 16th June.

ML has also be seen flying.

The juvenile birds would now appear to be fairly confident fliers and have expanded their home patch from the Church Tower of St Mary, to include the Cricket Ground Lights, St James and the Cranes. 

When hungry or when food is about they are extremely noisy and therefore easier to locate.

Somerset West and Taunton Car Parks are still free in Taunton so this is an idea time to go and see the Peregrines.

Hopefully, all 4 will become successful hunters before they leave in area later in the year.