Ham Wall / Shapwick Heath

Dominic Singleton
Dominic Singleton
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15 April 2018 19:16

I saw. 9 cattle egrets in a distant cattle field at moreorless 12 o’clock from the Avalon hide. Breeding plumage observable on some even at a distance.

I failed to see any martins, but to your list of migrants I can add whitethroat and sedge Warbler with reed warbler heard but not seen.  There was also a big flock of redpolls, with males in breeding plumage, working the trees to the right of the main track on the Ham Wall side, near the car park.

Bittern, Marsh Harriers and GWE all also much in evidence.

David Wright
David Wright
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15 April 2018 17:54

8 cattle Egrets flying over Ham Wall towards Glastonbury 07.30 this morning 15/04

3 Garganey and 8 Blacktail Godwits on Meare scrape at 14.00 along with a Bittern who walked along the edge showing well for 20 mins

Blackcaps, Willow Warbler,chiff chaff, swallows, Sand and House Martins all in.

Marsh Harriers active, and watched GC Grebes do there weed dance.