Incidents at Greylake

Robin Morrison
Robin Morrison
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17 December 2017 22:54

There is a rather disturbing posting on the RSPB Greylake website relating to Incidents at Greylake.

See here ......

Although the tampered with the electric fence adjacent to the hides is potentially the most serious, along with the ashes of a small fire, the RSPB Posting continues with
“Additionally we have had reports that a few individuals are manicuring parts of the reserve to suit their own needs by cutting down vegetation and small bushes, before installing their own twig perches in order to get that perfect shot. By doing so they are removing the natural cover and potential food sources which birds rely on. We understand that many visitors to Graylake do so to enjoy the nature which lives there, as well as to photograph the wildlife. However, we need to balance the needs of visitors with the needs of wildlife. It might be that we have left vegetation in place to provide wildlife with cover/ shelter or that laws require us not to cut outside of certain parts of the year. Please leave the vegetation as you found it so that everyone can enjoy the site.”

This behaviour is totally unacceptable and hopefully will be stopped if all visitors are vigilant. However, the car park has always be a popular spot for watching & photography and I know that there are many over the years who have occasionally placed a small twig near the feeders in the hope that a bird will land on this before hopping down onto the table. What is not clear is if this is now being seen as unwanted. Just something to be aware of.