Rodden Nature Reserve, Frome

Rodden Nature Reserve, Frome

Habitat: Series of pools with reedbeds, copses, grassland areas and a scrape. Adjacent to the River Frome.

Grid ref. ST788475

Over 100 bird species have been recorded on this relatively new site. Created as an Environment Agency requirement to reduce flooding from the River Frome, this reserve has proved to be a magnet for rarities in East Somerset and is now a County Wildlife Site. Little Ringer Plover, Garganey, Bittern, Jack Snipe, Kingfisher, wintering Goosander and Water Rail, and a whole range of gulls feature on the bird list. Breeding species include Reed and Sedge Warbler and Reed Bunting, along with more common migrant and resident species.

Other wildlife interest: a range of insect Red Data Book and local rarity species have been recorded and there is a good variety of dragonfly and damselfly species recorded every summer. Otters are recorded regularly throughout the year, and Water Voles are still thought to be present, especially on the River Frome. Most of the plant species were planted when the Reserve was created, but others have moved in since, increasing the overall food supply for wildlife. A Five Year Report, including full species lists, was produced in 2013; it is available on the website.

The main reserve is the area containing the water bodies on the opposite side of the road to the Asda store. There is also a grassland area (North Meadow) adjacent to the A362 as this road leads further into Frome. The area adjacent to the Asda store (Eastern Pools) is not open to the public.

  • Directions

    Turn towards Frome from the A362 to Warminster, at the foot of the hill, turn left at the roundabout; continue past the Asda store and park sensibly on the road. Please do not park in the turning space, or on the single-track road beyond.

  • Accessibility

    The main reserve is closed from February to August (inclusive) to prevent disturbance. The North Meadow is always open. The Eastern Pools area is permanently closed.

  • About the Site

    The site is owned by Asda and managed by the Frome Area Wildlife Group. Contact via the website.

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