Ninesprings Country Park, Yeovil

Ninesprings Country Park, Yeovil

Habitat: Pond, deciduous woodland

Main car park/access point ST554154, BA20 1QZ

Chiefly a site for Mandarin, especially in winter, but also offers pleasant woodland birding in an urban setting.

This is a small urban country park, popular with families, but it is probably the easiest site at which to see part of South Somerset’s population of Mandarin Ducks. The birds are not present all the time, and are easiest in winter, but up to 28 (males and females) have been seen here, and views are often very close on what is only a relatively small pond. If they are not immediately obvious look in the overhanging branches of the trees on the small island.

The surrounding woodland contains many of the usual woodland species, including Marsh Tit, Nuthatch, Treecreeper, Great Spotted Woodpecker, and winter thrushes. Grey Wagtails occur on the stream.

  • Directions

    Park at Goldenstones Leisure Centre (P + D, but free on Sundays) and walk a short distance east to the pond.

  • Accessibility

    Designed to be wheelchair and family friendly, the path from the leisure centre car park to the pond is wide, flat tarmac and the gate is easy to open. The circular trail round the back of the pond is muddy in winter and involves steep gradients and steps, but all the birds can usually be seen/heard from the tarmac path.

  • About the Site

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