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Somerset Birding News

The lifeblood of birding and other wildlife organisations is sustained by a regular supply of young people with an interest in nature. Both Avalon and Carymoor are leading organisations in helping to awaken and nurture that interest and it is a concern that both establishments have had to revisit their ideas for redevelopment funding with Viridor Credits. Viridor have, in the past, been champions of green issues such as these and so we will be watching closely how the respective ‘second rounds’ progress.

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The departure of arguably one of Somerset’s most dedicated and competent naturalists, Bruce Taylor, will leave a huge bird recording hole in the east of the county. From Frome through Stourhead, Torr quarries, Bruton and Castle Cary, Bruce has been a lynchpin with his accurate and detailed daily observations. Our concern is whether we have sufficient birders in the region to fill Bruce’s boots after August. Barra’s gain is definitely Somerset’s loss.

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